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Eye V.Lite 115 Control Paul Coll


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Das Racket von Paul "Superman" Coll. (Vorjahresmodell)

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A racket to help you fly on court in more ways than one!

Paul Coll ‘Superman’
Nationality: New Zealand
Titles Won: 12
Highest World Ranking: 12
Defining Moment: Going viral with one of the best retrieval rallies of all
time at The Canary Wharf classic 2016
Shape: Teardrop
String pattern: Control
Flexibility: Direct Response
Balance: Head-light
Head size: 477 cm2
Weight: 115gr (frame only)

The extended fan string pattern is offset by the
thicker shaft, allowing for a balanced weight distribution.
The frame is relatively stiff, giving a
direct response and impressive control.



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